Iceland offers power security and a favourable business environment to data centers, and other power-intensive industries. There are multiple companies servicing the data center industry in Iceland. Here you will find links to useful resources, in addition to white papers and reports on the benefits of our power offering.

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Service Providers

Service Providers

Invest in Iceland

Invest in Iceland is a government information center for foreign investors.


Landsnet operates Iceland's electricity transmission system.


Farice is the main provider of international bandwidth capacity in Iceland.

Verne Global

Verne Global operates an international data center in Iceland.


Advania operates international data centers in two locations in Iceland.


Borealis is a data center operator and developer, offering shovel-ready sites.

Opin Kerfi

Opin Kerfi is an IT service provider in Iceland representing HP, Cisco, Microsoft and others. Opin Kerfi has extensive experience in servicing large data center customers.


Nýherji is an IT service provider and is the representative in Iceland for IBM, Lenovo and other major technology companies.


Sensa is a data center service provider owned by Skipti, the largest telco in Iceland.

PWC Iceland

KPMG Iceland

Deloitte Iceland

Ernst & Young Iceland

Capacent Iceland


Kadeco is a development company specialized in real estate and business development.

White Papers and Reports

White Paper on Power Security

A detailed look at Iceland as a choice for industries and companies interested in the benefits of power security.

PWC Report

Report by PWC on the business environment in Iceland, including an overview of the economic system, housing, taxes and workforce.

White Paper on HPC in Iceland

Nordic HPC – How four universities work together to maximize computing power by offshoring to Iceland.

Broadgroup Report

Report by Broadgroup on Iceland as an international data center hub.


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PWC report

A report by PWC on the important factors needed in order to evaluate Iceland as a location for your business. The report includes general information on the country in addition to details on the economic system, housing, tax and labour.

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The report from PWC on Iceland as a location for your business

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