Submarine Cable to Europe

Overview of IceLink

The first proposal to connect Iceland’s electricity grid with Scotland’s, via a submarine cable was introduced over 60 years ago. The feasibility of such a project has been regularly assessed over the last 30 years. Historically, the result of this research showed that such a project would be technically possible but would not be a profitable endeavour.

Research conducted by Landsvirkjun, in collaboration with Landsnet, between 2009 and 2010 shed new light on the potential of such a project; that it could in fact be economically viable. The main rationale behind this shift was higher electricity prices in Europe and an increased demand for renewable energy sources, with no or low emission of greenhouse gases. To further explore the technical and economic feasibility of the interconnector, Landsvirkjun, Landsnet and National Grid engaged in a project partnership in 2013. Pre-feasibility studies carried out since have indicated comprehensive benefits of the interconnector, which has been termed IceLink.

At the end of 2015, the prime ministers of UK and Iceland met and established a task-force whose task was to evaluate the project and advise on the next steps taken by the governments. Results from the task-force were made public in July 2016. Both governments declared an interest in the possibility of an interconnector between the countries based on the expected socio-economic benefits. Certain important issues remain unaddressed, such as the project’s capitalization and risk responsibilities. The task-force suggested next steps if the two governments decided to proceed with the project.

It is estimated that it will take around five years to complete studies on feasibility and other preparatory work. Should the project enter the next phase after that, a further five to six years will be needed for the production and installation of the cable, the necessary onshore construction and other related tasks.

Overview of IceLink  


  • The interconnector will be over 1000 km long, 800-1200 MW HVDC transmission link connecting Iceland to GB, and offering bi-directional flows.
  • Onshore windand geothermal plants will be developed to displace current flexible hydro assets for export.
  • The entire Icelandic hydro system will provide flexibility to GB following a number of upgrades to the system.


  • IceLink is a project in a feasibility stage, designed to deliver renewable, flexible generation to Great Britain.
  • IceLink will deliver a volume of >5 TWh flexible renewable electricity per annum, enough to power 1.6 million homes.
  • We anticipate that the total cost to the UK consumer will be competitive with other domestic low-carbon alternatives.

Rationale for IceLink -significant contribution  

Market integration

  • IceLink lifts the isolation of the Icelandic electricity market and it assists Europe to achieve interconnection capacity targets amounting to 10% of installed capacity, and it opens up new markets for both Icelandic and UK suppliers.
  • Through bi-directional flows, IceLink could potentially reduce the cost of managing constraints between northern GB and the major consumption centres further south as energy is directed to Iceland at times of excess wind power generation in the north, stored in hydro reservoirs, and returned at times of lower wind output.
  • By providing flexible energy in near term spot markets and the balancing mechanism, IceLink can lower the cost of balancing, in particular in a system with a high penetration of intermittent generation.

Security of supply

  • IceLink connects currently isolated Iceland´s renewable electricity system with the broader European system and offers a means to decrease Europe´s dependency on imported fossil fuels in a cost efficient way.
  • IceLink increases diversity of power supply at both ends and enhances further deployment of renewables through coupling highly flexible hydro generation with that of intermittent wind and solar generation.
  • IceLink delivers reliable and flexible energy into the GB system at times of thin supply margins.
  • IceLink allows energy to flow to Iceland at times of low hydro generation potential, e.g. due to unusually low precipitation levels.


  • Iceland generation is 100% renewable. The interconnector would provide an export opportunity for the surplus energy in the renewable hydro system that is not currently harnessed due to economical and operational limitations.
  • The UK has committed itself to ambitious reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. IceLink contributes with its lower cost of low carbon energy compared to domestic marginal alternatives and its flexibility contributes to reducing the cost of enabling the integration of UK intermittent renewables.
  • IceLink involves the deployment of relatively mature low carbon technologies. As such, it allows GB to reduce reliance on particular domestic technologies, thereby reducing exposure to lower than expected cost reduction trajectories.


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