Our Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about eco efficiency; maximising the positive impact of business on society and the environment and diminishing the negative. It is about creating a business environment where transparency facilitates stakeholder engagement, giving them the opportunity to monitor and influence how businesses forge their relationship with society.

Long-term prosperity can only be achieved by setting high standards. Every year, Landsvirkjun outlines its key objectives, in six areas, in order to purposefully fulfil its policy on CSR. Please feel free to follow our progress in fulfilling our obligations on CSR.

Clicking on the tab below will enable you to familiarise yourselves with those key areas we have set out as our objectives each time. The circles show our progress. An empty circle shows that we are at the starting point of a project, a half full circle shows that we are progressing well and a full circle symbolises the completion of a project.

  • CSR is becoming the backbone of sustainability. Maintaining a healthy balance between the economy, the environment, society and our operations enables us to make a valuable contribution to this.