Energy research fund

Research in the fields of environmental and energy issues

Application form (in icelandic)

The Landsvirkjun Energy Research Fund’s Board accepts applications at the beginning of each calendar year.

The next application deadline is January 12th 2024.

The Energy Research Fund’s goal is to strengthen research in the fields of environmental and energy affairs and to award grants to students, university research projects, institutions, companies and individuals researching these areas. A further objective of the fund is to make Landsvirkjun's monetary contributions to research more efficient and transparent, and to ensure that the studies supported by the fund comply with Landsvirkjun's environmental policies.

General research projects in the fields of environmental and energy issues, including research on renewable energy and design of teaching material for young students. Grants are generally awarded for no more than half of the cost incurred and are awarded for the cost of employing of experts, participation of master and doctoral students and/or any other expenses the project may require.


Application form (in icelandic)

In this years allocation, about ISK 70 million is available for research projects in the field of environmental and energy issues.

The application deadline is Friday, January 12, 2024.

A confirmation email is sent upon receipt of applications. All applicants will be answered and all application material will be kept confidential.

Further inquiries can be sent to