Wind power

Energy from fresh air

Will the wind finally do some good?

How can electricity be generated from the wind?

Landsvirkjun has erected two wind turbines, in an area known as Hafið, within the construction area of Búrfell Power Station, in the south of Iceland. The turbines have a total of 1.8 MW of installed power. The project is part of Landsvirkjun’s research and development project on the advantageous of wind power in Iceland. There are a number of areas in Iceland that show great potential for the successful utilisation of wind energy.

The wind turbines each have a 900 kW capacity and together their generating capacity could be up to 5.4 GWh per year. The masts is 55 metres heigh and each spade measures 22 metres in length. When the spades are at their highest position the unit is 77 metres of height. Wind turbines developed for further energy production will in all likelihood be larger than the most powerful turbines presently operating in Iceland today, reaching 7.5 MW.