Human Resources

We strive to provide a progressive working environment that inspires excellence, dedication and proficiency, in order to engage people who are the best in their field.

Higher standard in all our endeavours

We believe in providing our staff with ample facilities and is committed to their professional development. A comprehensive range of professional training avenues are available to staff members at every level, to ensure that effective training and opportunities for advancement are maintained. Our role is to pursue a higher standard in all our endeavours.

The company is changing rapidly and the coming years will bring a new generation of staff. Our vision is to build a diverse working environment, where differing cultures and ideas will nurture innovation and creativity. Prudence, progressiveness and reliability are the values we strive for in an ever changing environment, where the energy market will continue to demand newer and more effective solutions.

At Landsvirkjun we have an indisputable policy on gender equality and every employee is valued on his or her own merit.

We believe in Community

At Landsvirkjun, maintaining a close relationship with the community is a priority and we believe that the success of a new project should be shared with the local community. Every year Landsvirkjun collaborates with local councils and service providers to provide employment and opportunity for the younger generation.


Achieving our objectives is reliant upon engaging the best and the brightest minds in the field. We want to be the first choice of university students, who have shown outstanding achievement in their studies. For decades, Landsvirkjun has offered summer employment to a number of students, in an effort to promote opportunities for further employment with the company, at a later stage.