Guarantees of origin

Join us at the GO Conference in Reykjavík in September 2024!

We are excited to welcome you to Iceland to the Landsvirkjun/ RECS GO conference that will bring together major market participants and stakeholders in Europe.

Meet with producers, power consumers, regulators and issuing bodies in Harpa Conference Centre during our two day conference in September 2024!

Invest in the Power of 100

Landsvirkjun is the National Power Company of Iceland and one of the largest producers of renewable energy in Europe. We operate power stations all over Iceland where we generate 100% renewable energy – harnessing the flow of our waters, the heat of our land, and the abundance of wind circulating our island.

As a global leader in sustainable energy, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to power and preserve our planet.

Guarantees of Origin from Iceland not only support the improvement of local energy systems. They help to power the expansion and availability of sustainable energy.

Seize the energy opportunity

According to the World Energy Council, the world is set to consume 30% more energy by 2030. Yet the majority of global energy supply still comes from burning fossil fuels, which is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s therefore crucial for countries, governments and companies to be working together to scale up the deployment of renewable energy solutions as fast and as cost-effectively as possible.

Make a positive impact

Guarantees of Origin (GOs) is a trusted system certifying the origin of electricity from renewable energy sources in Europe. Its ultimate purpose is to increase renewable energy generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions – regardless of location. Landsvirkjun´s GOs revenues go into investments in renewable energy production.

Landsvirkjun is currently starting preparations for new power plants, both wind, geothermal and hydro. The increased value of guarantees of origin is making a decisive impact on the financial feasibility of these new projects.

This makes additional renewable energy available for Europe.

Giving 100% is in our nature

Climate change is a global challenge affecting us all. That's why Landsvirkjun is 100% committed to developing sustainable solutions that make a positive impact. It's why the revenues from our Guarantees of Origin only go into increasing renewable energy production. And it's why we consider 100% of the global ecosystem in everything we do.

Guarantees of Origin from Iceland support the expansion of renewable energy to help power and preserve our planet in the fight against climate change.

Energy users cannot claim the green attributes of the renewable energy Landsvirkjun produces without buying guarantees of origin and Landsvirkjun effectively puts the European energy mix on the invoices to customers that don't buy GO's at least once a year as regulation 757/2012 assumes.

Power Intensive Users in Iceland Buying GOs from Landsvirkjun

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