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Annual Report

"The day-to-day operation of our power stations has been in great shape for decades and this year was no exception. Our team of highly experienced professionals and extensive knowledge of renewable energy production is at the core of this success. Every new generation brings a wave of innovation to the workplace, paving the way for progress. This gives us the opportunity to seek out new sustainable solutions to support the environment, economy and society" says Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun.


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Experiencing the wonder of energy

Life in the modern world seems unimaginable without electricity but how and when did this energy source become part of our lives?



virkjanakostir|Power Projects

Preparation of new power projects

Landsvirkjun is engaged in analysis and research on a number of potential power projects all over the country. These prospective projects are at varying stages of development and licensing.

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Opportunities in the land of renewable energy

New and diverse business opportunities are continually emerging, based on the interplay of technological progress, increased expertise, continuous development over decades of operation and evolving renewable energy markets.