Green opportunities

Green opportunities in energy-intensive industries

Vast opportunities exist for business development in green energy-intensive industries. Green, renewable energy allows us, for instance, to produce green and healthy food. The same green energy gives us the opportunity avoid spending many millions of USD on petrol and diesel every year and produce hydrogen and other environmentally friendly fuels. And the change to electric vehicles calls for greatly increased production of batteries. The data centre industry is continuously expending, as electronic data is becoming increasingly important in business and daily life. Here in Iceland we can power this important sector with renewable energy; we have reliable infrastructure and the climate is favourable for data centres.

These are all opportunities that should be grasped, to strengthen the economy as we do even more to combat climate change, using our unique global position in the field of green energy production and utilisation. Attractive new jobs will be created at the same time, adding value and guaranteeing Iceland’s energy independence.