Our strategy

Our vision is a sustainable world, powered by renewable energy.

Our role is to maximize the value of the renewable energy resources it has been entrusted with, in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Strategic objective

Operating exemplary resource utilisation & energy production

Landsvirkjun utilises hydropower, geothermal energy, and wind energy, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and safety.

We show foresight and develop opportunities for increased energy production to fulfil the needs of the future.

Strategic objective

Providing a progressive and sought-after workplace

We promote team unity, job satisfaction, and positive workplace culture by supporting employee health, well-being, and equal rights.

Strategic objective

Leading the way in climate and environmental affairs

Landsvirkjun respects the environment and plays a vital role in Iceland’s transition to clean energy, contributing to global carbon neutrality.

Strategic objective

Exceeding expectations in open communication and cooperation

We foster effective and active communication with all our stakeholders and work closely with local communities.

We are a good neighbour.

Strategic objective

Pursuing a diverse business and exceptional customer service

Landsvirkjun works closely with its customers to increase value creation.

We work to create a greener future by using innovative measures and identifying new business opportunities.