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Landsvirkjun offers attractive choices for visitors – an entertaining Energy exhibition at the Ljósafossstöð Power Station, the Krafla Visitor Centre, where visitors get an insight into geothermal energy, and guided tours around Kárahnjúkar Dam, the tallest concrete-faced rockfill dam in Europe. Get acquainted and visit us!

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Powering the Future – Energy Exhibition

At Landsvirkjun’s interactive display, Powering the Future at the Ljósafossstöð Power Station, visitors of all ages can investigate the wondrous world of electricity and even generate energy with their weight, strength, and power.

The diverse and informative exhibit allows energetic visitors of all ages to gather electrons, pump reservoirs, harness the wind, and light up the world in 120 years.

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Krafla Visitor Centre

The exhibition at the Krafla Visitor Centre offers visitors an informative insight into how energy is generated from geothermal heat, the history of geothermal heat in Iceland, and the opportunities it has provided.

An intriguing and informative exhibition that gives visitors an insight into the marvellous world of geothermal heat.

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Guided Tours around Kárahnjúkar Dam

The Kárahnjúkar Power Station (Fljótsdalur) is the largest hydropower station in Iceland (690MW). Kárahnjúkar Dam is the tallest concrete-faced rockfill dam in Europe and among the largest of its kind in the world, and you can walk or drive across the top of the dam.

Landsvirkjun offers guided tours at the Kárahnjúkar Dam, in collaboration with the Vatnajökull National Park, during the summer. The rangers at the Vatnajökull National Park meet the visitors at the Kárahnjúkar Dam car park and offer guided tours every half hour (on the hour/half-hour), informing visitors about the massive construction and surrounding nature.