Executive board

Hörður Arnarson


Hordur Arnarson completed his electrical engineering studies at the University of Iceland in 1986 and went on to obtain a doctorate from the Technical University of Denmark, in Copenhagen four years later, in 1990. Hordur began working for the food processing developer Marel in 1985 and became CEO in 1999, a position he held for ten years. He was then appointed Managing Director at the Sjóvá insurance company, leading the restructure of the organisation.

  • Deputy CEO

    Kristín Linda Árnadóttir

    To oversee the Company’s joint matters of concern and policy formulation, as well as to ensure professional management practices. Support divisions handling Landsvirkjun’s joint matters are located in the Corporate Office.

  • Executive Vice President

    Gunnar Guðni Tómasson

    To oversee Landsvirkjun’s power station projects from the preparation stage to their completion. We monitor the costs and safeguard the quality and progress of the various projects, keeping them in accordance with the expectations, plans and needs outlined by the company.

  • Executive Vice President

    Einar Mathiesen

    To ensure that electricity generation and delivery is secure and efficient and fulfills the terms of the agreements signed with Landsvirkjun’s customers.

  • Executive Vice President

    Rafnar Lárusson

    To create a foundation for efficient operations and to promote maximum results in all units of the Landsvirkjun Group.

  • Executive Vice President

    Tinna Traustadóttir

    Tinna Traustadóttir is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. Tinna holds an MBA from Reykjavík University and an M.Sc. Pharm in Pharmacology from the University of Iceland. Tinna worked at Actavis for a period of 14 years, both in Iceland and the USA, where she acquired extensive knowledge on business development and contract closure in the international business environment.

  • Executive Vice President

    Ríkarður Ríkarðsson

    Rikardur Rikardsson is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Innovation. Ríkarður holds an M.Sc. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and completed the Program for Executive Development (PED) at IMD in Lausanne.

  • Executive Vice President

    Jóna Bjarnadóttir

    Jóna Bjarnadóttir is the Executive Vice President of Community and Environment Division. She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University.

  • Executive Vice President

    Ásbjörg Kristinsdóttir

    Ásbjörg Kristinsdóttir is the Executive Vice President Project Planning and Construction. She has a PhD in Engineering Management from MIT.