Landsvirkjun provides its clients with exemplary service and competitive products. Our main clients come from the aluminium industry as well as other power intensive industries.

PCC BakkiSilicon

PCC BakkiSilicon began operations in 2018 at the company's silicon metal plant in Bakki near Húsavík.

Etix Everywh­ere Bor­eal­is

ETIX Everywhere Borealis operates two large scale HPC Colocation Data Centers in Iceland. The ETIX Everywhere Borealis large scale HPC facilities are near the international airport of Keflavik and in Blonduos, in the north of Iceland.


The Alcoa aluminium plant in Reydarfjordur is Iceland's largest aluminium plant, producing 346,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. The plant became operational in 2007 and is the most recent of Landsvirkjun‘s aluminium industry clients. Landsvirkjun supplies all the electricity consumed by the plant.

TDK Foil Iceland

TDK in Akureyri produces aluminium foils for electrolytic capacitors. This plant became operational in 2008. TDK Foil is headquartered close to Milan, Italy and it owns a forming plant in Iceland. TDK Foil is worldwide one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum foils for electrolytic capacitors.


The Elkem ferrosilicon plant at Grundartangi became operational in 1979 and in the early years produced 60,000 tonnes per year. The capacity of the plant was increased in several stages and today the plant produces 120,000 tonnes per year. Landsvirkjun supplies all electricity consumed by the plant.

Reykjavík DC

Landsvirkjun and Reykjavik DC, a new high-tech data center in Reykjavik, have signed a green electricity contract for the delivery of up to 12 MW to a new data plant at Korputorg in Reykjavik.

Rio Tinto

The Rio Tinto aluminium plant in Hafnarfjordur, just outside Reykjavik was the first plant to be supplied with electricity by Landsvirkjun. The plant became operational in 1969 and at that time produced only 33,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. Over the years the plant's capacity has been increased several times. The capacity at Rio Tinto Alcan will be increased once more in 2013, reaching a production rate of 220,000 tonnes per year. Landsvirkjun supplies all electricity consumed by the plant.


The Grundartangi Aluminum plant became operational in 1998 and produced 60,000 tonnes of aluminium at the time. The plant's capacity is now up to 312,000 tonnes per year. Landsvirkjun currently supplies approximately one-third of the electricity consumed by the plant.

Verne Global

Verne Global´s datacenter started operating in 2012 and offers international datacenter services in Iceland. The operations are growing and pioneer the way for Icelandic international datacenter services. Landsvirkjun today provides Verne Global with all its power.

Advania Data Centers

Advania Data Center began operations in 2014 and is a high-tech enterprise in the field of supercomputer, blockchain technology and computer equipment. Landsvirkjun provides Advania Data Center data centers with some of the energy it uses.