Environmental Policy

Landsvirkjun is at the forefront of environmental issues and supports sustainable development within society. The Company is committed to acquiring knowledge on the environmental impact of its operations and to reducing any impact.

Policy targets

  • Use Natural resources more efficiently
    The most efficient use of natural resources should be considered in the design process for new power projects and in any changes to power stations or their operation.
    The development, design and operation of energy production should be supported by the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.
    The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique should be used to improve efficiency in the utilisation of natural resources and to reduce any impact on the environment.
    Green procurement measures should be used and environmental requirements should be set out in contracts with suppliers and service providers.
    Waste should be sorted, reused and/or recycled.
  • Carbon neutral operations
    Consistently work towards reducing GHG emissions and implementing carbon binding measures in vegetation and soil.
    Support energy exchange measures in transportation and follow the Company Transport Policy.
  • Operate in harmony with nature and the appearance of land
    Support and maintain natural diversity and minimise any disturbance.
    Support the restoration of ecosystems and follow the Company Ecosystem Restoration Policy.
    Follow Company policy pertaining to structure design and landscaping.
  • Stakeholder engagement
    Work in accordance with sustainable development protocols including active stakeholder engagement and active involvement in cooperative projects with stakeholders.
    Support open and constructive discussion and account for Landsvirkjun’s achievements in environmental matters.
  • Operations without environmental incident
    Landsvirkjun's operations are certified according to the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
    Environmental aspects in operations should be defined, managed and monitored for success.
    All legal requirements pertaining to environmental aspects should be fulfilled and more stringent requirements should be implemented where appropriate
    Preventive measures and improvements should be actively developed through research, by outlining objectives and via registration and processing recommendations.
    Landsvirkjun’s employees and those working for the Company should have the appropriate knowledge and competence to implement the Company’s Environmental Policy.

Environmental reports

Sustainable utilisation

Sustainable utilisation of resources

All of Landsvirkjun's operations are certified according to the international standard ÍST EN 14001. The company has undergone a process that involves policy formulation in the field of environmental issues and a detailed examination of what environmental impact the company's operations have.

Landsvirkjun annually collects information on the status of the company's environmental issues, outlining the company’s Environmental Policy, its monitoring provisions and details of the continual review process, in regard to environmental matters. Great emphasis is placed on transparency and the open and honest discussion on all issues, related to the potential environmental impact of the company’s endeavours.

Landsvirkjun places great importance on sustainably and utilising energy resources, with careful consideration for any potential impact on the economy, society and the environment. Sensitive geothermal areas must be built up in stages and given time to respond to utilisation. Hydropower projects make every effort to maximise the utilisation of the resource, taking into account all environmental perspectives and with the goal of minimising any negative environmental impact. Landsvirkjun believes in strong consultation and active collaboration with the various stakeholders in areas earmarked for potential development, ensuring the best possible outcome for all those involved in new projects.