Fueling innovation with green energy

Meet Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland! We produce 70% of the nations energy, exclusively with renewable energy sources.

Let's meet up at E-World 2023! We aim to have insightful conversations with knowledgeable parties to understand the state of the European energy industry and to identify Landsvirkjun’s place in it. Particularly by leveraging green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives (e-fuels) to decarbonize the mobility sector in Iceland.

To jumpstart the use of E-fuels at a scale the industry needs to build new value chains. Therefore, we also aim to identify and connect to possible partners that could participate in the new value chain set up to decarbonize the Icelandic mobility sector.

Map of Iceland

Energy Company Owned by the People

Landsvirkjun is an energy company owned by the people of Iceland, and it generates electricity from renewable energy sources, i.e., hydropower, geothermal power and wind power. Established in 1965, we have almost 60 years of experience in renewable energy and currently generates over 70% of electricity generated in Iceland

Landsvirkjun’s cooperation initiatives

Landsvirkjun has partaken in four large joint venture projects to inspire, develop and create new energy related innovation opportunities and energy transitions all around Iceland.

In each joint venture are two to three employees: general manager, research and development manager and in some cases a project manager.

Each project has its unique focus but are all exploring energy related opportunities in one part of the country.

At E-World 2023 we bring our focus on these projects and how Landsvirkjun is developing new value chains for e-fuels in each part of Iceland through these initiatives.

Our Joint Ventures

Energy for innovation

Meet our collaborative innovation team!

Meet our team!

Our team at E-world consists of strong and dynamic experts in their field.

Business Director

Sigurbjörg Guðmundsdóttir

„Transition to clean energy is about making investment in our future“

Director, Key Account Management

Valur Ægisson

„I believe in building strong relationships with our customers and partners“

Key Account Manager

Halldór Kári Sigurðarson

„Let's invest in a green future together“

Innovation Manager

Freyja Björk Dagbjartsdóttir

„Implementing innovation is key to net-zero"

Director of Corporate Strategy

Þórólfur Nielsen

„Sustainable world, powered by renewable energy“

Head of research and development @ Eimur

Ottó Elíasson

„Strengthening global collaboration for local deployment of green E-tech!“

General Manager @ Eimur

Sesselja Ingibjörg Barðdal Reynisdóttir

„Green finance for a clean and energetic future“

Business Innovation Manager

Dóra Björk Þrándardóttir

„Innovation is the foundation of a sustainable future, powered by renewable energy“

Managing Director @ Orkídea

Sveinn Aðalsteinsson

„Establish strong cross-sectoral collaboration to solve real problems and challenges“

Head of Research and Development @ Blámi

Tinna Rún Snorradóttir

„Empowering rural communities through renewable energy to drive sustainable development”

Marketing and Branding

Eva Eiríksdóttir

„Good communications can make complex projects happen“