Tourists in Iceland Surveyed on Energy Generation from Renewables


Favourable Views from International Tourists

In 2022, Landsvirkjun commissioned Gallup, the Icelandic branch of the global analytics company, to survey tourists visiting Iceland regarding renewable energy generation and its effect on them.

Email addresses from international tourists travelling through Keflavík Airport were randomly gathered during the summer and autumn of 2022.

Click here for the survey’s results (in Icelandic).

Main findings were that almost all tourists visiting the country (over 96%) favour renewable energy sources in Iceland.

Almost 73% of tourists said the country’s utilisation of renewable energy sources beneficially affected how they experienced Icelandic nature. However, the rest of the sample did not express a specific opinion or said it had no impact.

Only a few (less than 1%) said that utilisation of renewable energy sources negatively affected their visit.