Procurement Department is responsible for procurement and execution of tenders, and monitors that all tenders are in accordance with laws and regulations. We pursue clear and transparent working methods and strive to have a solid relationship with our suppliers.

Here you will find information about tenders, tender documents, minutes from opening of tenders and results of tenders.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the Procurement Department

Requirements for Contractors and Service Providers on Environmental and Health and Safety Matters

Requirements towards Contractors and Service Providers in regard to Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

Code of conduct

Invoices and e-invoices

Suppliers shall issue a detailed invoice dated at the end of each month for work performed during the month and send to Landsvirkjun, Háaleitisbraut 68, 103 Reykjavík in conformity with a contract or purchase order. Invoices shall be received by Landsvirkjun no later than the 5th of each month for the purchase of goods and services for the previous month. Invoices will be paid 30 days from the date of the invoice, in the absence of any protest from the Buyer.

For inquires please send an email to

Opening ceremony for Generator Stator Renewal for Burfell Station

On Thursday the 18th of February 2021 proposals for tender no. 20341 Generator Stator Renewal for Burfell Station were opened.

The following proposals were submitted and all prices exclude VAT.