HR Equal Opportunity Policy

Valued and Progressive Company Policy

Landsvirkjun’s HR Equal Opportunity Policy supports the motivated work of the Company’s employees. We are committed to good team unity and a positive working atmosphere. The pillars of our company culture are opportunities for professional progress, employee well-being, diversity, and equal opportunity.

Landsvirkjun, the national energy company, has always been a progressive and popular workplace and will continue to be so.

Team Unity and Work Culture

Landsvirkjun offers a diverse range of roles, but the objective remains the same: we collaborate tirelessly to actualise the Company’s vision.

We take pride and great care in our projects and approach our work with courage and a positive attitude.

At Landsvirkjun, we not only take initiative and accomplish projects with a creative approach, but we also actively encourage and value new ideas.

Cooperation and Communication

We foster the human factor in our work. We collaborate on problem-solving, use a professional approach, share information, listen actively, share knowledge, and support each other.

Our communication is based on trust, straightforwardness, and problem-solving. We are polite and respectful, encourage each other, provide constructive feedback, and praise a well-done job.

Equality and Diversity

Equal opportunity and diversity support success and make Landsvirkjun a popular and sought-after workplace. We value and respect human rights, enforce equal opportunities and balanced gender participation as much as possible, celebrate diversity, support inclusion, and work systematically against discrimination.

The employees are valued and appreciated and enjoy equal opportunities: hiring and professional advancement, training, and remuneration.

We emphasise equal opportunity and ensure equal pay for equal work. Landsvirkjun's priorities are an active HR Equal Opportunity Policy and a certified equal pay system.

Success and Flexibility

Employee well-being and success are important to us, and we work on health-related injury prevention and health and safety issues at the workplace. We create opportunities for employees to enhance professional competence and skills through training and allow them to use their strengths in projects that interest them.

We appreciate different needs, ensure employees have good working conditions, and enjoy job flexibility to facilitate a work-life balance.

Bullying, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, and any other violence is not tolerated. Landsvirkjun works by a specified contingency plan for analyses and solutions for matters of this kind.