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Landsvirkjun Power's Strategy and Policy

Landsvirkjun Power is a subsidiary of Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s National Power Company, which is among the larger renewable energy companies in Europe operating about 2150 MW of hydropower and geothermal power plants and a pilot wind project.

We have carried out international activities in the hydropower, geothermal and transmission sector in Australia, Albania, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Greenland, Hungary, Panama, Philippines, Romania, Tanzania and Turkey and for the United Nations Development Programme.

Making experience work

Landsvirkjun Power's Ownership Policy

Our vision is that climate change can be managed through renewable energy solutions.

We provide co-development and advisory partnership solutions across hydro and geothermal power value chains. We partner with technical and financial services and will consider co-investment opportunities.

We provide expertise in development, construction and operations of renewable power schemes with main emphasis on hydropower and geothermal power plants, and a growing interest in wind power.

Development and services

We have been developing, constructing and operating renewable power schemes since 1965. We offer international hydro and geothermal co-development and advisory partnership solutions based on our experience, with growing interest in wind power.


Landsvirkjun started international activities in 2003 with projects in Albania and in Greenland. All overseas activities were brought under the auspices of Landsvirkjun Power in 2008 and include various specialized consulting services and engineering work on hydropower, geothermal, wind and transmission projects.

About us

The purpose of Landsvirkjun Power is to participate in advisory and co-development of renewable energy projects, including possible co-investment. The primary focus is on hydro power and geothermal projects, with growing interest in wind power.

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Our Strategy and Policy