Climate Leader


The Financial Times’ list of European companies, which have shown the greatest progress in decreasing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity during 2015-2020, puts Landsvirkjun at number 81, as the Company’s emissions decreased by 20.5%. Landsvirkjun is the only Icelandic company on FT’s list of 400 Europe’s Climate Leaders.

The list addresses direct emissions and emissions from energy usage. Furthermore, it addresses, e.g., carbon emissions in relation to revenues, decrease in total emissions and a company’s score by CDP, the global environmental disclosure system. Landsvirkjun’s CDP score is A-, which makes the Company a leader in climate issues. It should be noted that companies that cause considerable environmental damage are not eligible for FT’s list, even though their emissions reductions meet the requirements.

One of the Lowest Emissions Known

Landsvirkjun’s emissions in 2021 were 3.6 grammes carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour, which is one of the lowest emissions known in the industry, even when compared to other renewable energy generation.

FT’s listing is yet another confirmation of Landsvirkjun’s impressive success in climate issues. Landsvirkjun intends to do even better; continue to generate electricity with an exceptionally low carbon footprint and be an active participant in the fight against global warming.

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