Landsvirkjun’s Annual Report 2023 Published


Landsvirkjun’s Annual Report 2023 has been published.

2023 was the strongest operational year in Landsvirkjun’s almost 60-year history. Profits from operations increased by 19% year on year, and the Company’s financial standing has never been better. Power stations’ operations thrived in 2023, although low reservoir levels posed challenges.

Comprehensive Annual Report

The Annual Report 2023

Our Annual Report complies with the GRI reporting requirements for sustainability standards, as sustainability is at the core of Landsvirkjun’s operations.

Discussion Points:
  • 2023 best operational performance ever and a dividend payment of ISK 20 billion to the Treasury proposed
  • Landsvirkjun awarded the Confederation of Icelandic Employers (SA) Environmental Company of the Year 2023
  • Domestic energy demand in the coming years
  • Planned power station options
  • GHG emissions from the Company’s operations remain among the lowest in the energy industry
  • Landsvirkjun placed on the Financial Times’ list of European companies that have been most successful in lowering their GHG emissions
  • Landsvirkjun’s electric fuel project with the international company Linde and the Icelandic companies N1 and Olís
  • Landsvirkjun’s innovation projects: Orkída, Eimur, Blámi, and Eygló
  • The Danish consulting group Implement's report on opportunities to improve energy efficiency in Iceland

Landsvirkjun’s Annual Report provides thorough information on the national energy generation company.