Powering the Future - Energy Exhibition

Everything is made up of energy, and it is ever-changing!

Powering the Future

At Landsvirkjun’s interactive display at Ljósafossstöð Power Station, Powering the Future, visitors of all ages can investigate the wonderful world of electricity and even generate energy with their weight, strength, and power.

You can also find out how Landsvirkjun generates all its electricity from water, geothermal heat, and wind, harnessing nature to power everything from mobile phones and hobs to large aluminium smelters.

The diverse and informative exhibition allows energetic visitors of all ages to gather electrons, pump reservoirs, harness the wind, and light up the world in 120 years.

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The Ljósafossstöð Power Station is in the area Sogið at the lake Úlfljótsvatn, approximately 50 minutes drive from Reykjavík.

The exhibition is open from 10 to 17 during the summertime every day of the week, and admission is free.