Laxá I Power Station


LaxáI Power Station came online in 1939 and is in the valley of Laxárdalur.

Cathcment area

The Laxá I Station is the oldest power plant in the river Laxá. From the dam at the top of the canyon, the water is first diverted through an underground tunnel and then through a channel approximately 670 m in length, leading to the power station. The station operates two turbine units, coming on-line in 1939 and 1944. For the Laxá II Station, the river is dammed 300 metres below Laxá I, diverting the water 380 metres to the power station via a penstock and a surge tank.

Key numbers

  • Installed capacity

  • Francis turbines

  • Generation capacity

    0GWh /year
  • Total head