Laxá III Power Station


Laxá III Power Station came online in October 1973 and is in the valley of Laxárdalur.

Most recent power station in the river Laxá

1 x Francis turbine

The Laxá III Station is the most recent power station in the river Laxá. The underground vault housing the station’s turbine unit was initially designed for two 25 MW turbines. The plans called for the construction of a 56 m high dam in the upper part of the canyon, making the total head 83 m.

The local population of Þingeyjar strongly protested the plan. The Laxá III Hydropower Station was inaugurated in 1973 with one turbine instead of two, and further plans for the region were shelved.

Key numbers

  • Installed capacity

  • Francis turbine

  • Generation capacity

    0GWh /y
  • Total head